Classic Rock Mixer

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Here's what people are saying about the Classic Rock Mixer:

This event is fantastic!  Great music, great food, and networking with a large group of business professionals in a fun, casual environment.  I enjoy bringing my business associates and clients to the event. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get out and market themselves and their business.  -Ashley Blankenship, Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc.

“These mixers are a great way to get to know potential business contacts on a more personal level, in a relaxed environment.”

– Camillia Somerville, Metropolis Capital

"I've attended two of these Classic Rock Mixer's . . . each of which exceeded my expectations . . . good food . . . engaging fellowship with quality professionals and mutual business opportunities, plus the enjoyment of great entertainment and all for a modest price thanks to the generous support of a number of sponsors such as Sanli Pastore & Hill, the Astrum Fund, Metropolis Capital Group and others.  It's a fun evening for sure !   Cheers . . ."  - H. Dan Fisk, Chairman, Atlantic Legal Foundation

"The evening networking event was a lot of fun on Saturday night. As you say, it's good to get out of your comfort zone, but in this case it was nice to see everyone comfortable. The band was great, the venue perfect and the people outstandingl. We enjoyed the band's vibrant combination of surf, punk, ska & reggae. They definitely had a unique blend of music and energy."  - Eric Colon, Financial Advisor, Crowell Weedon & Company

"Where can you go and listen to rock and roll , reggae, jazz and swing with 50 friends while meeting another 50 people, along with eating good food? Only one way: the Sanli Pastori rock and roll music event that was held on September 22 at Fraiche restaurant in Santa Monica. The vibrations of the music and the incredible dancing ( 2 step, bump and grind ) from friends you never expected it from, made the event a great, fun networking experience. Everyone should come to next event."  - Eric Shaw, President, New York Credit, Inc.


“I was really comfortable at the rock mixer.  The relaxed environment allowed me to just walk around and talk to people.  Getting to know them on a personal level really helps build better and more memorable business relationships.”

-John Hartman, Managing Director, Astrum Investment Management

I love this event!  The music, the dancing and the amazing food and specialty cocktails really add to the ambiance.  –Elena Maddalo